Evie and Jack (by Glenn Haybittle) … WWII and a romantic relationship but in a haphazard manner

I have to say that this book was not very good. It seemed too haphazard and waffled from one thought to another. I kept trying to give it a chance to tell me a story that I actually cared about, but it never did.

As a positive, though, I was impressed with how the fear of being a pilot for the RAF became real for me.

I know the author tried to give some background for the characters, but the information was not handled well and I never felt like I connected with any of them. That makes me sad because I had really looked forward to reading this book.

Thank you to Net Galley for providing an ARC in exchange for my honest review.

Homer and the Holiday Miracle: A True Story (by Gwen Cooper) … how much can a blind cat allow you to see into what really matters

This was a sweet quick read. I’m not a cat person, but the story of Homer and his miraculous life was a moving story. Homer was a wonderful cat who definitely had more than 9 lives and continued to touch lives through the stories of his antics. His story will touch your heart and the work the author does to help other animals through various charities is amazing.

Whether or not you are a cat…or an animal person at all…this story will still cause a few tears and chuckles as you fall in love with the blind wonder cat known as Homer.

Thank you to Goodreads for an ARC of the book in exchange for my honest review.

Send Down the Rain (by Charles Martin) … get the boxes of tissues ready

Once again Charles Martin has written a 10+ tissue book! Once I started reading the book, I could not put it down. The author has produced a story that will break your heart one minute, have you cheering the next, and being angry at the ugliness in another minute. You will really experience the gamut of emotions.

The story of Joseph (Jo-Jo) and Allie is fraught with trauma and emotional upheaval. Woven through the story is the theme of the ultimate sacrifice of giving one’s life for others. Joseph is struggling with PTSD but deep within is an amazing man.

This is another book to be shared with everyone. This book will touch your heart and soul. Once you’ve read the last word and closed the cover, you will sit back, sigh, and think over every word and many emotions: empathy, anger, rage, disgust, love, redemption, and more.

Pick this one up and get lost in the story…it is worth every tear you will shed!

No Less Days (by Amanda Stevens) … can you live forever or would you want to?

This was an interesting read. While a Christian read, it dealt with a little bit of science fiction. The main character is a bookstore owner, so that caught my attention immediately. What’s not to love about a bookstore and an attractive gentleman owner? But are things exactly as they seem? It’s obvious that there are things going on that you don’t understand immediately.

The characters in the book are well developed, unique, and a little quirky…because of something that I do not want share so that I don’t spoil the main theme of the book, The author does a great job of grabbing your attention and springing a huge surprise. But the decisions that are made are questionable.

I’m not sure this was one of the best books I’ve ever read, but it did have some good Christian thoughts and spiritual ideas.

Thank you to NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for my honest review.

Out of Splinters and Ashes (by Colleen L. Donnelly) … WWII and the present (how do they connect)

Out of Splinters and Ashes was an interesting book. There was a lot of innuendo in the book…you are left hanging with a few clues dropped here and there throughout. This is based on WWII and the present day with a lost love and political mystery. It was a struggle to try to figure out what was going on and how the story was going to be resolved.

I was hoping to enjoy the book more than I did. It was just a little abstract and difficult to follow the characters and where things were going.

Thank you to NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for my honest review.

A Good Yarn (by Debbie Macomber) … how women connect via the yarn shop

The second book in the Blossom Street series was good. I didn’t like it quite as much as the first book in the series, but it was still entertaining. This is a story of women and how they connect through the yarn shop. They each approach life from different places and with various emotional baggage.

An enjoyable audiobook and I enjoy the books as I’m driving to and from work and church.

Dashing through the Snow (by Debbie Macomber) … I was dashing to the end!

This was not one of my favorite Debbie Macomber book. It was too unrealistic that Homeland Security would spend that kind of time and effort on tracking down someone…and the way they attempted to apprehend someone with a certain name. And the fact that the name is such a common name is a little ridiculous.

The main characters were irritating…Ashley is a little too annoying and Dash has an attitude that won’t quit. What kind of person would drive off and leave a female alone at a rest area? The banter between the two characters and how the relationship suddenly evolves was not believable.

I’m not a huge romance reader, but for audio books, some of Debbie Macomber books are entertaining. However, this one fell short of the mark.

Mourning Express (by K. M. Waller) … giggles galore!

This was a fun read! K. M. Waller had me laughing out loud with the situations Rosie finds herself in. Her antics with her acting career and trying to find a way to earn money to help take care of her grandmother will have you chuckling and gasping in shock.

This was the first book I’ve read in the Funeral Fakers series, and I will read more of the books. This had a little bit of everything…murder, mystery, excitement, relationships, friends, family, humor, and a potential relationship with her friend’s cousin…who happens to be her roommate(!).

This is one of the books that I will recommend to friends when they want a light read with lots of giggles thrown in.

Auschwitz Lullaby (by Mario Escobar) … how far will a mother go for her family?

What a moving and tragic story. Based on the life of Helene Hannemann, this book explores the plight of the Gypsies who were forced to endure the atrocities of Auschwitz. You are provided a painful view of life for those who were forced to endure life at Auschwitz. The strength of Helene and how she goes from being a nurse to being the director of a nursery school in the Gypsy camp…working directly with Dr. Mengele, will amaze you. She is dedicated to her family and willing to sacrifice everything for her children and fight for the children who are placed in her care.

The author describes the horrors of Auschwitz…overwhelming your senses with the sights and smells that are brutal and honest. The author’s words demonstrate the power of sacrifice and the strength of human dignity even when there is no hope left. The journey you experience throughout the pages is filled with the horrific evil intentions and practices of Dr. Mengele. However, Helene Hannemann allows you to see her remarkable strength and bravery…singing a beautiful lullaby to calm the children…even as she glimpses what the future holds.