The Paris Wife (by Paula McLain) … interesting historical read

Interesting read. I loved learning more about Ernest Hemingway and his first wife, Hadley. My heart just ached for Hadley. But I was glad to learn that her life ended up positively.

Ernest and Hadley’s whirlwind courtship, marriage, and their lives living abroad was interesting. This book brought out information about their relationship with others, their adventures, and the choices they made.

Seeing Red (by Sandra Brown) … twists and turns abound

Lots of twists and turns in this book. I love the mystery and intrigue portion of Sandra Brown’s books, but this one bordered on pornography. The detailed sex didn’t really help the story line. I felt like it was there just to cause a shock.

I did like that you were left guessing up until the end. Just as you thought everything had been revealed, the author has another shocking moment that leaves you reeling.

Haven’t decided if I’ll read any more books by Sandra Brown. The sex scenes were just too over the top and graphic for my taste.

The Foyles Bookshop Girls (by Elaine Roberts) … WWII and the lives that are affected

This was an interesting book. Set during WWII, you become familiar with Alice, her family, and best friends. From all the books I’ve read about that time period, though, it seems like Alice’s family did suffer as much as others. It seemed a little too “perfect” for the setting and this time of history.

You will get to know the characters well and will have strong opinions about them all…whether positive or negative. While Alice seems to be mild mannered, you discover that there is a strength hidden below the surface that ones bubbling up when she’s provoked too much.

The relationships between family members and friends are often on shaky ground, but you also get to watch as some of the individuals grow significantly throughout the pages of the book.

While the book is set at the beginning of WWII, you really don’t learn a lot about the atrocities many people in Europe experienced. There is one lack of supplies, but it seems that the terrors of WWII haven’t go cheddar this family as much as individuals in other towns, countries, situations.

Still an enjoyable book.

Thank you to NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Killer Look (by Linda Fairstein) … Alex is at it again and helping solve the crime

It’s been a while since I’ve read a Linda Fairstein novel. But it didn’t take too many pages before I remembered how much I love her books. She has such a wonderful writing style, the characters just suck you into the book, and they have you flipping the pages as fast as you can possibly read the words!

One of the many things I like about this author’s books is that you learn some fact/piece of history. She manages to weave a random bit of information into the book that just flows along with the story.

While Alex got on my nerves a little bit because she wouldn’t do as she was told and kept sticking her nose in where it shouldn’t have been, the basic story and mystery were interesting. And, of course, you’re left with a humongous cliff hanger! So now, you HAVE to buy the next book so you’ll know what happens. Don’t know about you, but I can’t wait!

Lies and other Acts of Love (by Kristy Woodson Harvey) … a story of love, lies, pain, and passion

This one ended up being a 10 tissue read by the end of the book! I really enjoyed this book. Lovey and Annabelle take turns expressing their thoughts and expressions in alternating chapters. You will experience Lovey’s experiences growing up and falling in love, getting married, and having children. And then you’ll experience her current life along with Annabelle’s in the present day. Lots of emotions and drama and you won’t be able to put the book down until you get to the last page. How often do we lie? And do the lies serve a particular purpose? Is it okay to tell a “white/little” lie in order to protect someone? Or should you always be truthful…even it means breaking a person into?

The story of Annabelle and Ben and their whirlwind romance and marriage has you excited and cheering them on! But are things really what they seem? What about Lovey and her husband, Dan? Are there secrets they are keeping?

Lots of twists and turns and deception is threaded through the pages. But grab your tissues, settle in, and get lost in this story of love, lies, pain, and passion.

Sunrise on the Battery (by Beth Webb Hart) … when your need for society’s acceptance meets God’s will

What do you cherish…your social status, your family, your belief in Christ and desire to serve him? This story is a look into the lives of two adults who grew up with very little and how the need to achieve a certain level of social status has become the be-all for their lives. They even have a family plan and Jackson, the husband and father, is determined that his daughters will have the best…and must BE the best.

Be careful what you pray for. And if God does answer that prayer, but it changes your acceptance by the society you’ve worked so hard to become a part of, how will you respond. And what happens when one family member has a Damascus experience and God’s love and grace shatters the life they’ve built for themselves. Do you blame God because it’s His fault for answering your prayer in such a big way?

Beth Webb Hart will bring you into the lives of the Jackson and Mary Lynn Scoville and their three daughters. You’ll realize that having reached the level of acceptance by the upper echelon of society does not mean your family is happy and your lives well balanced.

Definitely one to put on your “to-be-read” list!