The Unwilling (by John Hart) … difficult situations and twists that leave you heartbroken

John Hart is an author that can take some of the most difficult situations and twist them until you are left heartbroken and aching.  I have so many thoughts as I have closed the last page and set the book aside.  The book is set during the Vietnam War and I would have to stop myself and remember that this was a different time period.  Family relationships is a major focus in this book.  And how those relationships can be twisted and the characters misunderstood or judged is disheartening.

There are some twists and you learn some of Jason’s background story and how he has been misrepresented.  He is NOT who you think he is.  His life has been destroyed and he is having to make decisions based on what others assume to be true.

The younger brother, Gibby, is a teenager who is confronted with a family that is falling apart, wants to have a relationship with his older brother, Jason, endures his mother’s over-the-top protectiveness, interacts with a father who is struggling to deal with the changing family dynamic, and discovering his sexuality and developing relationships with females.

There are two serial killers.  And their extreme evil is disturbing.  The ugliness of their lives and deeds was appalling.  And how it affected the lives of the other characters was disturbing.

Even with all of the negative aspects of the story, there are some positive things to take away.  Family and friendship are precious and should be protected and treasured.  The fragility of our lives and the time we have together should be cherished.

Thank you to NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press for my advanced review copy.  All opinions and thoughts are my own.

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