The Coordinates of Loss (by Amanda Prowse) … heartwrenching but wonderful read

Be prepared as you open this book that your heart will be torn apart and stomped on over and over.  The story is nothing short of heartwrenching and I cannot imagine enduring what Rachel and James experience.  I won’t go into details because you can get the basic story from the synopsis.  However, the journey through their pain is emotional and the way everyone attempts to love and support the family is touching.  Ceecee’s story is woven throughout the pages and you find your heart aching as she shares with Rachel through letters of her life and losses.  I fell in love with Ceecee and was so glad she was given the opportunity to love Oscar.

The title is a perfect description of the story.  What a moving story of Rachel and James as they journey through the devastating loss and struggle to find their way back to a sense of family.  It isn’t a quick and easy voyage, but family and friends are there to help them heal and rediscover their love for each other.  While a deep and emotionally difficult tale of loss, it is also full of love, hope, friendships, family, and commitment.

Thank you to NetGalley and Lake Union Publishing for my advanced review copy.  All opinions and thoughts are my own.

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