My Dad My Dog (by Rebecca Warner) … you’ll be taken on an emotional journey

I knew this would be an emotional journey when I opened the book and found myself living with Rachel, her husband, father, and dog.  The author does a wonderful job of allowing you to experience the positive and negative aspects of being a caregiver to an aging parent with serious health issues.  As a North Carolina native, I could visualize the setting as the author described life in the NC mountains.

Rachel’s willingness to provide her dad with the best care available in a facility was impressive.  But when finances become an issue, her dedication is even more amazing when she moves him into her home.  I was so impressed that she and her husband, David, were willing to sacrifice so much to provide the care her father needed.  I never felt that she was whining or playing the “woe is me” card.  And kudos to her for calling her sisters out on their behavior and lack of involvement in their father’s life.

And then you factor in Nick, her labrador retriever.  What a precious four-legged fur baby.  His heart was huge and he was a humble and loyal dog.  The relationship that eventually develops between Nick and Rachel’s father, Joe, is touching.

As you experience the similarities of an aging parent and aging dog, your heart will fill and the tears will flow.  The author draws a beautiful picture of relationships, love, physical illnesses, the ache of loss, and the tenderness of caring.

Thank you to NetGalley and Black Rose Writing for my advanced review copy.  All opinions and thoughts are my own.

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