Dragonfly (by Leila Meacham) … WWII story of extreme bravery

I am a huge fan of books that take place during WWII and the Holocaust. Leila Meacham’s story is one that will have you traveling to Paris during the Nazi invasion. The five main characters are so real that you feel as if you know them personally. The author’s tale of courage, dedication, love, loss, fear, and selflessness will touch the reader deeply.

While the events occur during the time of atrocities committed by Hitler’s regime, you are not inundated by the graphic details as in many WWII books. You get a taste of the horrors but you really have more of a sense of fear and trepidation that the five young people experienced during their time serving as spies while living and working side-by-side with the enemy.

There are no words that do justice in describing the bravery of these individuals, as well as countless others, who were willing to sacrifice themselves to stop the evil that was spreading throughout Europe. And I truly believe there were Nazi officers and staff members who did what they could internally, at great risk to themselves, to stop Hitler’s reign. They may have initially been taken in by his mesmerizing speeches and his ability to promote achievements that he claimed as his own. But they eventually realized the charismatic leader was pure evil. Their willingness to thwart the Führer’s efforts were self-sacrificing.

I appreciated the information the author provided at the beginning of the book (details about characters, etc.). And she provided a few details at the beginning of each chapter so that you knew which character was highlighted. With so many points of view, this was extremely helpful.

Thank you to NetGalley and Grand Central Publishing for my advanced review copy. All opinions and thoughts are my own.

I was drawn in the from the beginning and had trouble putting the book down. I didn’t want to stop reading!

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