A Cup of Dust (by Susie Finkbeiner) … heartwrenching and emotionally terrifying story

Susie Finkbeiner has written an amazing novel with grace and power. Pearl’s story is moving, heartwrenching, emotionally terrifying, and poignant. What an amazing girl living in an inauspicious time. You will be drawn into the story from the first word and will ride an emotional roller coaster until you close the book.

Pearl is tenacious, courageous, gracious, innocent, full of spit and fire, and one of the most precious girls you will ever read about. The author does an amazing job of holding you captive as you experience life in the 30s in Oklahoma during the dust bowl. You will feel the grit of the dust swirling around you and in your mouth as you navigate the grim days of that time period.

You literally want to step into the pages and hug Pearl, letting her know that you believe her and you will do your best to make things right. The manner in which the author gives clues to the “mystery” but leaves you not 100% positive of every piece of the puzzle is the sign of an excellent writer.

I look forward to more awesome stories from Susie Finkbeiner.

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