The Water Keeper (by Charles Martin) … an emotional journey toward redemption

Once again Charles Martin has turned me into a soggy sobbing mess. I do not know how he continues to come up with new ways to reach into the depths of my soul with such finesse. His ability to tackle current day issues and give them a personal twist is amazing.

The emotions you experience once you find yourself immersed in the story are varied. From anger, fear, love, loss, shock, to physical and emotional pain … you will travel with Murph and his motley crew of characters down the intercoastal waterway of Florida. You will feel the breeze blow as the boat travels along, smell the brackish waters, bathe in the warmth of the sun. But all of this is part of the journey to redemption…and not just redemption for Murph.

The tension builds the more you find yourself flipping the pages and there are times you’re not sure you can take much more. But the journey with Murph is worth is and the twists and turns along the way will have you gasping in shock. (I love when that happens in a book!)

Thank you to NetGalley and Thomas Nelson Publishers for an ARC in exchange for my honest review. When I am asked who my favorite authors are, Charles Martin is always on the list. His gift with words is astounding and something for which I am grateful!

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