Photos of You (by Tammy Robinson) … heartwrenching story that makes you think

Before you open the cover and read the first word, make sure you have a box … or two boxes … of tissues close by! There are no words to describe how deeply this story touched me emotionally.

This book is a journey through sadness, pain, hope, love, loss, relationships (family, friends, romantic), emotional healing, and grief and even amidst the painful moments, there is still laughter. The author brings the characters to life. They are richly developed and you will respond to them strongly. Their support for each other is amazingly compassionate.

When you are given a number of days left to live, how will you spend that time? What will become important to you? What kind of person will you be.

Thank you to NetGalley and Forever and Grand Central Publishing for an ARC of this beautifully crafted and heartwrenching story that I hope will make you examine yourself and realize how precious life and relationships are. All comments are honest and freely shared. This is a book that needs to go the top of you to-be-read list!

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