Driving with the Top Down (by Beth Harbison) … a road trip with growth

There were many things I enjoyed in this book. So let’s start there …

This story of the lives of three women (actually 2 women and 1 teenager) and how they interacted during a road trip was entertaining. You get to know each character with all the good, the bad, and the ugly. The viewpoint of each person helps you understand why they are struggling and how life has influenced who they have become. It was heartbreaking to read Tamara’s thoughts and know how she wants to be a different person but doesn’t know how to break out of the reputation she has established. Bitty’s dark thoughts were troubling, but you knew what was affecting her negative view of her life. Colleen was the driving force and I really enjoyed getting to know her. The way the ladies change, mature, develop, and bond throughout the pages made the book rewarding.

But! There were some negative aspects to the book. Sex! Did we really have to be so graphic?! The author could have toned things down significantly OR left the parts out completely. Other than this one aspect, I thoroughly enjoyed the book.

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