Goodnight June (by Sarah Jio) … a touching story with a surprise ending

The author manages to weave a story that has aspects of family, love, anger, new and old relationships, and forgiveness. There are so many moments that grab your heart and squeeze it tight.

This story is one that goes and forth between the past and present, but you are never lost and wondering where you are at any point in time! The past is essentially told through the exchange of letters between the main character’s Aunt Ruby and the children’s book author, Margaret Wise Brown. Brown is the author of the book, Goodnight Moon.

While the book is a little slow to get started and you will decide that you don’t really like June that much, don’t give up. The story gets started and you will find yourself drawn into the lives of June and her aunt. There are times when I get tired of June’s insecurities, but knowing her history, you understand where this comes from.

Goodnight June is a moving book that will touch your heart and has an ending that will have you gasp in shock! So don’t give up!

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