Family Tree (by Susan Wiggs) … how deep are your roots?

This is a story of a woman’s journey to examine what dreams she still has and whether or not she can reclaim them.  I’m not a huge contemporary romance fan, but this was one I could listen to through Libby, so I probably stuck with it longer than if I was actually reading a paper or e-book version.

There are some characters that you simply fall in love with and others you absolutely despise!  This book is full of decisions that result in missed opportunities, failed relationships, mistakes, etc.  But, if you are lucky after all of these life mistakes, everything comes back around and you find yourself on the road you originally planned to take.

There were many emotional moments in the book.  So do not pick this up if you’re looking for a light romance.  But there are enough deep moments to make the read worth your while.

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