Friendship Bread (by Darien Gee) … a recipe for relationships

My final thought is very positive. However, I felt like I was just chugging along one page at a time for the first part of the book. But then, I was hooked and could not stop listening to the audiobook.  There are a lot of characters and it was sometimes hard to remember who was who.

But the basic premise of the book comes shining through and you are drawn into the characters’ lives and all of the struggles they face. And you will find at least one person with whom you can identify…whether it’s the loss of a child, an unfaithful marital partner, or financial struggles. I grew to care about many of the characters and found myself cheering them on, encouraging them to face their struggles head on and depend on those around them and their willingness to offer love and support.

And then you make it to the very end and there is a delightful twist! It makes getting to the end of the book even more worthwhile!

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