The Residence (by Kate Andersen Brower) … behind the scenes look at the staff and family of the White House

The Residence was a haphazard presentation of memories by the staff and families of the White House. I listened to the audiobook version and was taken aback that the beginning was just a listing of names. It did nothing to help with the rest of the book. An while it may have been worthwhile in the written version, it almost caused me to stop listening! So there are times in an audiobook that you need to just out the information or preface it with a statement that explains why the information is being presented.

There were some very interesting bits of information shared. And while not an inside “tell all” book, it does give you a glimpse into the lives of people who lived and served in the White House. I learned a lot. But I can’t say that it was one of those books that grabbed me and wouldn’t let go. As far as a sense of background and information, I would think it is worth reading.

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