The Empty Nesters (by Carolyn Brown) … how your life can be full even with an empty nest

This was a sweet story of love, friendship, loss, and relationships. While there is loss by divorce, maturing children, and death, there is also a sense of growing relationships. Tootsie manages to take control of the lives of the ladies who live close to her and make them feel a sense of family and fellowship.

Carolyn Brown does a wonderful job of bringing you into the story and making you invested in the lives of the characters. You will fall in love with some and despise others. But the primary feeling is one of cheering on the ladies who are left to handle life on their own.

While I’m not a romance book fan, I didn’t mind the “romance” portion of this book. Luke brings an interesting aspect to the book. And it helps to think that there might be a gentleman out there!

This story will leave you with a feel-good sense.

Thank you to NetGalley for an ARC in exchange of my honest review.

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