The Shortest Way Home (by Juliette Fay) … a thought-provoking portrayal

This was a surprisingly good book. I listened to the audiobook version and I think the narrator actually related the main character’s personality. Sean was a calm individual who had spent many years working in third-world countries. But after a feeling of burn-out, he returns home and is faced with family obligations and issues.

The author has done a great job of developing the various characters…some major and other minor ones. While the book is expressed through the voice of Sean, you get peaks into the thoughts and lives of the other characters with whom he interacts. There is conflict, friendship, romance, medical issues, family dynamics, relationships…just about everything you could imagine is covered in this book.

It was intriguing to watch as Sean, even though he is in his forties, matures and realizes what really matters to him. The fear of Huntington’s was especially emotional to me because of knowing someone who had several family members who suffered from this disease. The various issues the characters face, from infertility, facial-distorting birth defect, alcoholism, hyper sensory-sensitivity disorder, etc., add a depth to the story.

This is definitely worth the time you will spend getting lost in the pages and the thought-provoking story that is portrayed.

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