As the Light Fades (by Catherine West) … tough issues told with amazing sensitivity

I have really appreciated the opportunity to be part of the advance reader team for Catherine West over her last few books. It is a pleasure that I do not take lightly. And even though the author and NetGalley have provided me an ARC of As the Light Fades, all thoughts expressed in my review are not influenced…they are honest and truly my opinion.

The author does a wonderful job of tackling many issues with such an amazing level of sensitivity. And she manages to include a sense of humor even with such difficult situations.

My thought as I began this book was that the light fades referred to the light of Drake fading with his advancement of Alzheimer’s. I’m not sure that’s the end result, but I’m going to hold onto that thought and believe it was what Catherine intended.

One of the other things the author manages to do in this book…as well as many of her other books…is relate a story of family relationships, newfound love, and healing. And even thought you met the Carlisle family in The Things We Knew, you will not miss anything by reading this book first. Thought that book is wonderful and is worth reading!

Catherine West writes stories from the heart and her books will take you on a trip through life lessons and experiences that will have you laughing, crying, cheering, and feeling protective. Please get lost in the pages of As the Light Fades for a delightful experience!

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