Things You Save in a Fire (by Katherine Center) … what would you save in a fire?

I enjoyed this book a lot! It covered a lot of emotions…anger, fear, sadness, love, etc. Cassie is one tough cookie. Her life as a female fire fighter has you cheering her on…even when you’re not sure she’s making the best decisions.

Cassie’s mother is manipulative in getting Cassie to come stay with her. But once you find out the real reason why, you will understand her efforts.

While you find yourself laughing, the next second your heart will ache for Cassie. And as you travel with her through her life … present day and her memories of her high school days. Growing up was a difficult time for Cassie and she appears to have done a good job of becoming a responsible adult with a fulfilling life. But you realize that this amazing young lady has a long way to go before she reaches her full potential.

The thing you save in a fire, at least for Cassie, is forgiveness. And that’s the one lesson that carries through many of the relationships that flow through the pages of this delightful book.

Thank you to St. Martin’s Press and Goodreads for an ARC in exchange of my honest review.

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