Standing in the Rainbow (by Fannie Flagg) … what would you discover if you found yourself standing in the rainbow

This was one of my favorite Elmwood Springs books by Fannie Flagg! I was laughing and crying as I drove down the road and listened the audiobook version.

Fannie Flagg is such a wonderful author and she has you loving the characters who live in Elmwood Springs. The story spans several decades and you will learn a lot about several families. You will grow up with Bobby and enjoy his wonderful antics! You will go nuts as Norma experiences stress over EVERYTHING! And Neighbor Dorothy will have you chuckling and wishing you lived during the time her show was broadcast over the airwaves. And when you meet the Oatmans, you know you’ll never forget them!

What delightful characters and a story that will have you wanting to move to Elmwood Springs!

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