The Fallen (by David Baldacci) … Amos Decker at his finest (and most tender)

Oh my! I love the Memory Man (Amos Decker) series! Once again, thank you to a friend for introducing me to this series. I have enjoyed David Baldacci books for several years, but this is one of my favorite series.

Amos Decker is unique…for many reasons. But he always manages to figure out what is going on behind the scenes. And even if he’s not on a case, he will find something that drags him into the middle of a mystery. And this book finds a humane, caring side of Decker that you don’t usually see. And he is just a teddy bear while protecting the family of a partner.

I am hoping Baldacci continues the story of Amos Decker and his unique medical condition. I am hooked!

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