The Summer Cottage (by Viola Shipman) … rules that make the cottage a haven of hope

Viola Shipman books are one of my favorite authors! This is the second book I’ve read and love the way the author focuses on family, traditions, relationships, regrets and life. You will experience a lot of emotions as the story flows through the pages. There are some difficult emotions but then the positive ones definitely outweigh those.

I want to visit The Summer Cottage and focus on each of the “rules” of the cottage. You will be cheering Adie Lou on and realizing that she has done a wonderful job in raising her son. Her husband is a jerk and Adie Lou does a wonderful job of keeping her head above water and learning that she is a worthwhile individual and doesn’t need his harassment and ugly attitude.

While there is some romance, the main focus of the book is relationships…the relationship with her parents, her son, and a special friend.

This is definitely a book you need to be on your TBR list!

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