Bad Luck and Trouble (by Lee Child) … Jack Reacher is at it again!

I LOVE Jack Reacher! Lee Child always keeps me sitting on the edge of my seat and I wonder what Jack Reacher will do next to get himself…or his cohorts…out of a sticky situation.

Bad Luck and Trouble does not disappoint. I wonder how Lee Child manages to come up with the wicked things people attempt and how he is able to write so that Jack Reacher’s brain functions so that he figures out what’s really going on and how to resolve the situation in which he finds himself.

This is another audiobook version and I have to say that I enjoy listening to the story, but the narrator is irritating as snot! I wish they would find someone else to narrate the books. Dick Hill’s voice grates on my nerves and he does not do a good job of changing voices…especially between male and female characters. So if you changed the narrator, I would probably give 5 stars!

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