Send Down the Rain (by Charles Martin) … get the boxes of tissues ready

Once again Charles Martin has written a 10+ tissue book! Once I started reading the book, I could not put it down. The author has produced a story that will break your heart one minute, have you cheering the next, and being angry at the ugliness in another minute. You will really experience the gamut of emotions.

The story of Joseph (Jo-Jo) and Allie is fraught with trauma and emotional upheaval. Woven through the story is the theme of the ultimate sacrifice of giving one’s life for others. Joseph is struggling with PTSD but deep within is an amazing man.

This is another book to be shared with everyone. This book will touch your heart and soul. Once you’ve read the last word and closed the cover, you will sit back, sigh, and think over every word and many emotions: empathy, anger, rage, disgust, love, redemption, and more.

Pick this one up and get lost in the story…it is worth every tear you will shed!

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