Workin’ Our Way Home (by Ron Hall and Denver Moore) … a story of love, faith, and mercy

This was a wonderful behind the scenes story of Ron Hall and Denver Moore. It has been several years since I read their book, Same Kind of Different as Me. So this was a wonderful reminder of the relationship between these two very different men. Ron Hall does a great job of sharing Denver’s human side.

Denver was an amazing man. I loved some of the things that came out of his mouth. To be unlearned, he would express deep thoughts that take you right to the heart of God’s love. I found myself chuckling with tears trickling down my face and then the next moment I would be sitting in my chair in awe of the thoughts Denver expressed.

I am so grateful that Miss Debbie opened up the door to a relationship with Denver and allowed us to experience the behind the scene story of love, faith, and mercy. I hope this story will allow others to reach out in a sense of grace and allow themselves to discover relationships that reach beyond their comfort zone.

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