A Girl’s Guide to Moving On (by Debbie Macomber) … what would you do if you needed to move on?

This was a difficult audiobook for me to listen to because of the infidelities that abounded. Coming from a divorce setting that evolved from my ex having an affair. However, I was impressed with how strong Nichole and Leanne when they were faced with the realities of their broken marriages.

And the relationships that evolve from their new living situations are interesting. I was so pleased to see that both women were open to different types of experiences and were willing to challenge themselves…and each other…to become the women they should be.

I have to say that Jake, Nichole’s husband, was a real jerk. He made me so mad that it was hard to finish listening to this audiobook. His manipulative personality was irritating and I really wanted him to get his “comeuppance.”

This was one of my favorite Debbie Macomber books that I have listened to and has encouraged me to continue exploring more of her books.

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