The Secrets of Paper and Ink (by Lindsay Harrel) … the discovery of a hidden story will lead the way to forgiveness, healing, and courage

I have fallen in love with Lindsay Harrel and her books. And this book did not disappoint.

You are immediately sucked into Sophia Barrett’s life. You will find your heart aching along with Sophia and you cheer her on as she escapes to Cornwall, England.

Once you get to Cornwall, you will fall in love with the lovely town and Ginny Rose…another American who has found herself living in Cornwall. Both of these ladies struggle with aspects of their love lives…currently and in the past. It was delightful to watch both of them grow and mature, learn to trust themselves, and being to open up their hearts and souls to new love and adventures.

And while you are getting caught up in the story of Sophia and Ginny’s lives, Sophia discovers a manuscript.  The discovery of the manuscript will help lead the way to forgiveness, healing, and courage.  It’s a slow process, but you will enjoy traveling along as you enjoy two different times in history.

I would love to see a sequel develop from this book. I didn’t want to leave Sophia or Ginny…needing to spend more time getting to know them better.

Thank you to Lindsay Harrel, Thomas Nelson Publishers, and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for my honest review.

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