The Shop on Blossom Street (by Debbie Macomber) … a story of blossoming friendships and relationships

I started this book in early December, however it was automatically returned to the library before I had a chance to finish it. So after several weeks, I was finally able to finish listening to the audio version of this book.

I liked the book okay. As is true of any Debbie Macomber book I’ve read, this one was a light and easy book. There was a lot of drama among the characters, and you were shown a lot of wvlhat was going on in their lives right now…but also about their pasts and how it affected their present lives and attitudes.

As is typical of this author’s books, you will have drama, conflict, difficult people, and positive resolutions between some of the characters. I did enjoy how the author allowed the short-tempered and difficult characters to save an epiphany and how it changed their attitudes.

This is a good beach read or one to take with you on a short vacation.

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