The Lost for Words Bookshop (by Stephanie Butland) … who do you become when your life falls apart

What a wonderful book! I fell in love with the bookshop…I would love to work in this type of book store!

The history behind the life of the main character, Loveday, is one you will unravel slowly as you find yourself turning the pages one after another. The story will smoothly move back and forth from past to present as you discover why Loveday is the way she is…how her personality has been formed, what has led her to the bookshop, how she responds to people she meets. Archie, the bookshop owner, is a hoot! He was such a larger than life individual and you find yourself wanting to know more about his past and the tales he claims are true.

This is definitely a 6-tissue read! I literally sat in a restaurant and sobbed during part of the book. I didn’t even care what anyone thought, because I was drawn into Loveday’s story and ached for her as she faced her fears and insecurities and learned how to trust in herself and her abilities,

What a delightful and emotional read! I am grateful to NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for my honest review.

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