Boob Job: Confessions of a Professional Bra Fitter (by Natalee Woods) … a laughing and crying visit to the lingerie fitting room

I really enjoyed this book! This was a wonderful story of a woman who worked for several years as an official bra fitter. But her experiences in the fitting room will have you laughing and crying. The author takes you deep into the lingerie department of a popular department store where you will experience the joys and pains of bra fitting and sales. From the strong encouragement of management to maintain high sales ratios to the myriad of individuals who enter the sacred fitting room, you will work alongside Natalee as she realizes that it’s not how many bras she sells each day as much as it is the person behind the bra! You will fall in love with some of the individuals, your heart will ache for others, and then there are some you just want to pinch their head off!

And while Natalee is handling all of that, she’s also dealing with life. And life has not been that kind to her. Some of the decisions she’s made haven’t been the best for her, but she is a good person deep inside and truly loves her parents and she cares a lot more than I think she realizes.

This was definitely not what I expected when I began to read the book. But I am so glad I flipped open to the first page and experienced the life of a bra fitter, especially one as delightful as Natalee Woods. This is a book I would highly recommend…as long as you realize there are a few choice words sprinkled throughout. But the story itself is worth every minute of page turning and every tissue you’ll use blowing your nose and wiping your eyes.

Thank you to NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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