The Foyles Bookshop Girls (by Elaine Roberts) … WWII and the lives that are affected

This was an interesting book. Set during WWII, you become familiar with Alice, her family, and best friends. From all the books I’ve read about that time period, though, it seems like Alice’s family did suffer as much as others. It seemed a little too “perfect” for the setting and this time of history.

You will get to know the characters well and will have strong opinions about them all…whether positive or negative. While Alice seems to be mild mannered, you discover that there is a strength hidden below the surface that ones bubbling up when she’s provoked too much.

The relationships between family members and friends are often on shaky ground, but you also get to watch as some of the individuals grow significantly throughout the pages of the book.

While the book is set at the beginning of WWII, you really don’t learn a lot about the atrocities many people in Europe experienced. There is one lack of supplies, but it seems that the terrors of WWII haven’t go cheddar this family as much as individuals in other towns, countries, situations.

Still an enjoyable book.

Thank you to NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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