Whistlin’ Dixie in a Nor’easter (by Lisa Patton) … Southern charm in a less than charming Vermont B&B

This was a good audio book. I loved the characters and how much you find out about each one of them. You have strong feelings about them…you love them or you despise them! The author does a great job of bringing into the Satterfield family and their new adventure to Vermont. I could appreciate Leelee’s less than enthusiastic response to her husband’s decision to purchase a B&B in Vermont. But, she is a southern lady and she was raised to support her husband. She adores Baker and against her best friends’ advice, she sells their home in Memphis, TN and loads up the family to begin this new adventure in their lives.

But you will soon realize that things are not quite as they were presented by the real estate agent. But Leelee is a delight and she manages to do her best to make the situation as wonderful as possible for her sweet daughters.

You will become invested in their lives and cheer Leelee on as she realizes she’s much stronger than she ever thought possible. When her Memphis BFFs show up, you will be laughing and appreciating their sassy behavior.

This was just a fun audio book and keeps you invested in the story. Definitely worth the time to discover Vermont…through the horrendous winters, mud season, and the gossipy neighbors.

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