The Education of Dixie Dupree (by Donna Everhart) … coming of age in the steamy South

This coming of age book was a difficult “read.” It was beautifully written, but the issues, which are presented, are hard to handle. Dixie Dupree is a liar…and she will learn the hard way how the lies have created an environment in which she needs to share a very disturbing situation, but no one will believe her. It’s like the boy who cried wolf. She’s lied so many times that no one believes she can actually tell the truth.

Dixie and her family (mother, father, and brother) suffer through various issues. Dixie’s parents fight, her mother has moments of extreme anger (emotions that are taken out on Dixie), and some of the family members may not be who they present themself to be. What Dixie endures is traumatic and your heart will just ache for her. But in a moment, you are sitting there cheering her on as she shows a strength that few 11-year-old children demonstrate. Her courage and spirit may flicker and threaten to die completely, but she finds the strength to persevere and to speak up for herself.

This is not a feel-good story. But it is one that you should take the time to absorb. It will reach into your depths and wrench your heart out. The author has written a book that will touch you deeply and make you want to take Dixie out of her family situation and help her learn that love does exist and she can be adored and appreciated.

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