Sunrise on the Battery (by Beth Webb Hart) … when your need for society’s acceptance meets God’s will

What do you cherish…your social status, your family, your belief in Christ and desire to serve him? This story is a look into the lives of two adults who grew up with very little and how the need to achieve a certain level of social status has become the be-all for their lives. They even have a family plan and Jackson, the husband and father, is determined that his daughters will have the best…and must BE the best.

Be careful what you pray for. And if God does answer that prayer, but it changes your acceptance by the society you’ve worked so hard to become a part of, how will you respond. And what happens when one family member has a Damascus experience and God’s love and grace shatters the life they’ve built for themselves. Do you blame God because it’s His fault for answering your prayer in such a big way?

Beth Webb Hart will bring you into the lives of the Jackson and Mary Lynn Scoville and their three daughters. You’ll realize that having reached the level of acceptance by the upper echelon of society does not mean your family is happy and your lives well balanced.

Definitely one to put on your “to-be-read” list!

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