Water for Elephants (by Sara Gruen) … life is a circus…literally!

This was a good story. But it leaned toward being x-rated. That part disturbed me because I didn’t get that impression from reading the synopsis of the book.

However, the story was interesting and educating. After reading this book, I know I would never be tempted to run away to the circus! The life is very difficult and the level of workers was set up in a real hierarchy.

The characters were well developed and you found yourself being drawn into their lives. There were bullies and heroes, delightful animals, and a trip through history. I enjoyed the experience of going back and forth in time…it was easy enough to tell when you were in the present time by Jacob’s voice as an older man.

I am interested in reading additional books by Sara Gruen after experiencing the audio book version of Water for Elephants.

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