The Myth of Perpetual Summer (by Susan Crandall) … coming of age and family secrets

This was a wonderful story of the coming of age, family secrets, trauma, relationships, racial prejudices, and corruption. While lots of heavy topics are covered, you are drawn into Tallulah James’s life. She is surrounded by a very dysfunctional family but between her brother, Griff, and her grandmother she finds the emotional support she needs. At least until these fall away. (But you have to read the book in order to learn how this happens!)

Set in a time of unrest…Vietnam War with its protest demonstrations and racial discrimination…life is unsettled. Then you realize how the bullying, ostracism, and child neglect affect Tallulah and her family. It is amazing how she has managed to become a functioning adult.

The author does a great job of going back and forth from Tallulah’s childhood and adulthood…especially since the book is written from her viewpoint. It is well written with the voice of Tallulah as a 10-year-old and that of her as a young adult. This young lady’s life will haunt you even after you’ve finished the last page of this amazing story.

I have read quite a few of Susan Crandall’s books in the past (you absolutely MUST read Whistling Past the Graveyard) and this one did not disappoint. I love her style of writing and how she makes the characters like real people who are actually living the story she is telling. You care about them and ache for the unfairness of how life has treated them.

I received a free copy of this book from Gallery Books in exchange for my honest opinion. This is definitely one for you put on your to-be-read list!

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