The Last Original Wife (by Dorothea Benton Frank) … Southern charm and strength is alive and well!

I was so proud of Les! Becoming aware of how much better she deserved, was enjoyable. And I really loved the southern charm of the Carolina Lowcountry.

The characters were delightful and I fell in love with Leslie and her brother, Harlan, and her old high school boyfriend. I enjoyed the setting, the strength in the characters, the interactions between them. And when you add in Jo, Harlan’s spoiled pooch, you are chuckling! Her behavior and her change of clothes are a hoot.

Because the book is told from the two perspectives, that of Les and her husband, Wesley, you don’t have to assume how Wesley feels. His opinions and self-absorbed observations were irritating. But his obliviousness at how his attitude is affecting his wife, explains why Leslie has had enough!

Once again, Frank has delivered a witty and down-to-earth tale. I’m looking forward to reading/listening to additional books by this author.

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