Nell and Lady (by Ashley Farley) … an emotionally charged book about family secrets

Oh my! This one had so many issues that were addressed. This book made you stop and take a moment to think about how you respond to certain situations, about your prejudices, about your life and what you’ve made of yourself. Lots and lots of things to delve into and while the story is about Nell and Lady, it makes you take a good hard look at yourself.

This story is heart wrenching and heart warming. You will find pain and joy, anxiety and enjoyment, love and loss throughout the pages. You will definitely be taken on an emotional journey. While Southern charm is am amazing thing, it doesn’t always make people feel comfortable. And in the Bellemore grand home in Charleston, SC, you will experience Southern charm but with a little bit of bite to it.

You will also experience the precious gift of friendship … and yet how that friendship falls apart. But is it possible to recapture the bond that initially brought them so much joy?

What an emotional tale of family secrets and how those secrets can impact your life! Can a long lost friendship be rekindled? Wonderful book and I encourage you to take the time to get lost in the story of Nell and Lady.

Thank you to the author, Ashley Farley, for an ARC in exchange for my honest opinion.

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