A Fragile Hope (by Cynthia Ruchti) … a story hope and grace ~ a must read

This was a wonderful book! I was sitting in a restaurant two different times eating dinner and reading the book with tears flowing down my face! Such a moving story and so many examples of grace demonstrated throughout.

The author has done a fabulous job of drawing you into the lives of the Chamberlains from the very first page. You are waiting anxiously to see how the story will unfold. You will experience how people handle issues in a different way…some with grace and some with exasperation and impatience. I really liked how the doctors and nurses could be so different in their approaches and how these differences affected the patient and the family members.

The sayings at the beginning of each chapter were so touching. I took pictures so I could remember them. One of my favorite examples was:

“No matter how high your problems mount, remember the One who scales mountains with the same elegance as when He walks on water.”

Absolutely beautiful! I felt a sense of love and caring surround me knowing the He is there through it all!

I cannot begin to describe how moving this story was and how it touched me to the depth of my soul. How do I show grace in my everyday life? Do I share just my “leftovers” with someone in need, or do I take the time to share an entire meal…plus dessert…with that person.

This is one to put on your TBR list. But don’t wait too long before you read it. It will move you to tears, it will make your heart ache, but it will leave you with a hope that, while sometimes fragile, will be lifted up and soar on wings.

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