Songs for Lucy (by Philip Wilson) … emotional and heart wrenching

This was a very moving book. While I ended up boohooing and sobbing out loud, I still enjoy reading stories about devastating illnesses that cut life short. Allison had a wonderful personality and though she was great at everything she did, she remained a down-to-earth and caring person. You wanted to be just like her and follow along to see where life took her.

When you open this book and get lost in the pages, you need to be prepared for an emotional roller coaster. You will be drawn into Allison’s life and the people she has known for years as well as those she meets once she has received the medical diagnosis. It is a heart wrenching road to travel, but you will have moments of joy, excitement, fear, compassion, and tears. Definitely a two boxes of tissues read! You couldn’t stop until you got to the end to see where Allison found herself as she navigated the seas of illness.

In fact, this book was so emotionally draining that I had to wait a couple of days before I could write this review. This is one of those books you need to make as “to-read” and make an effort to buy it now!

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