The Great Alone (by Kristin Hannah)…a story of trials and tribulations with hope for redemption

I told a friend that I wasn’t sure I could do justice with this review. This book was fabulous! I could not put it down once I had opened the book and started reading the first page. I was drawn into the story of Leni and her family and their troubled life in Alaska.

I will warn you…make sure you have a box (or two) of tissues close by. I literally sobbed out loud because the story was so moving. The characters are rich and bring out strong feelings from the reader…you either love or abhor them.

What an amazing story of life in the great alone (Alaska), especially during the 70’s at a time of distrust in the government and political unrest. You are drawn into the lives of the people in Kenai Peninsula and struggle with them as they learn how to fend for themselves, how to be supportive of each other, and how to endure the harshness of such a untamed and wild land. You will experience a moving and touching tale of difficulties, triumphs, tragedies, and forgiveness. While there are times when you’re not sure you can endure another sorrow, you need to continue turning the pages and walking along with Leni as she learns a lot of hard lessons about life.

This is a difficult book to read because of the darkness of the subject, but it is well worth the time. While a heart breaking and wrenching story, you will come away with a feeling of love and redemption.

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