A Year on Ladybug Farm (by Donna Ball)…a second chance at life, adventure, and amazing friendships

I am in love with the Ladybug Farm and the delightful ladies that have made it their home! Of course, the fact that ladybug was in the title of the book drew me in immediately. I’m such a ladybug fan. And then to read that the ladybugs were everywhere made me want to pack up my bags and move to the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

The three ladies who end up on Ladybug Farm are each very different and have different gifts. Which makes them perfect friends and roommates. They each bring their varying abilities and personalities into this newly formed situation. And, of course, it is not without its struggles. New adventures are waiting around every corner and something is always happening. Such quirky people in the town but also people who make a small town friendly and welcoming. It is amazing to see how they rally around each other when someone is in need.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll gasp. You’ll get sucked into the lives of Cici, Lindsay, and Bridget. And you’ll come out richer for sharing the year on Ladybug Farms with them! Can’t wait to get my copy of the second book in this series (At Home on Ladybug Farm).

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