Grace (by T. Greenwood)…family relationships and the love, hate, and misunderstandings that abound

This was my first book by T. Greenwood. But it will not be the last. I found myself aching with what the characters experienced as I inhaled every word on the page. This was definitely a book about family dynamics and how we love…or don’t love each other. Lots of lessons to be learned. Whether you’re a young person experiencing the pains of bullying, a parent struggling with how to respond to his/her spouse or child, a young person who is dealing with controlling parents and whether the decisions they make are the best for you, a husband or wife who isn’t sure whether their spouse has been unfaithful, an adult who struggles to provide for their family’s needs, an adult child dealing with an aging parent…they are all issues people face every day.

I couldn’t put this book down. And because the beginning sets you up to assume what is happening at the end, you’re flipping through the pages and cringing with each word to get to the climax. But it’s worth every moment, every word read.

But, when all is said and done, will grace get them through this?

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