The Sugarhouse Blues (by Mariah Stewart)…life, love, relationships, and conflict

This second book in the Sugarhouse series was good. I found myself flipping through the pages, anxious to see more into the lives of the Hudson sisters. This book is more from the viewpoint of Des, so you get a little different aspect (the first book was more from Cara’s viewpoint).

You continue to fall in love with the town and people of Hidden Falls. The continuing renovations of the Sugarhouse Theater gives you an inside view of the people involved in the creation of the theater as well as the Hudson family history. Allie, Des, and Cara are developing a relationship and growing closer. And the author does a great job of bringing you into their lives and discovering their faults, failures, and positive attributes.

I am looking forward to continuing the adventure and learn more about Allie and how she resolves the conflicts with the people in her life. I would encourage all lovers of books to begin a journey with the Hudson sisters and the life and times of Hidden Falls.

Thank you to NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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