Hurricane Season (by Laura Denton)…a storm is brewing in their lives as well as off the coast of Alabama

This story touched me a little more than most books. As someone who suffered with infertility, Betsy’s struggles were very real to me. And then to have a sister who had two children without trying to was another nail in the coffin of my emotions. My sister had three children…getting pregnant with two of them while I was trying to get pregnant the first time.

The author does a wonderful job of exploring the emotions both sisters experience, factoring in life growing up with parents who weren’t really involved in their lives (very self centered), as well as their present day lives.

This story was a storm of epic proportions…having you ache for Betsy and Ty, wondering where Jenna would end up, falling in love with the two precious children Jenna leaves with her sister for what turns into longer than a two-week retreat. There are so many analogies from the intensity of the storm related to raging emotions, growth of the garden Betsy plants related to how she and Ty grow in their relationship, etc. This book is a wonderful example of relationships and enduring the storms of life.

Thank you to NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review. I love Laura Denton’s books and this one was another moving tale I have enjoyed.

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