Blood Sisters (by Melody Carlson)…how racism and bigotry can corrupt society (but hope does abound!)

This was a painful book to read. The focus on racial prejudices and intense bigotry was hard to digest. The story, though, was well written. The characters were well developed and dug themselves deeply into your heart. You suffer along with the “blood sisters” and find yourself feeling extreme sadness for all they endure.

The atrocities of racism and prejudices is astounding. But I am aware that these ideals still exist today and it is hard to know that there are people who believe this way. It breaks my heart to think a person is judged based on the color of his/her skin or their religious beliefs or their sexual preferences.

While the subject matter was difficult to endure, the fact that there are individuals who believe that we are all God’s children and are willing to take a stand against such horrible beliefs is uplifting. It was difficult to suffer through the viewpoints espoused by some of the characters. But knowing that others were working behind the scenes to change the climate in Cedar Crest kept you hoping and praying! And prayers were a big theme throughout this book. Small and simple…or childlike…the prayers lifted were an important part of traveling through this difficult environment.

I am so pleased that this book was chosen as our book club book this month.

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