The Reindeer Caper (by Valerie Tate) … charm abounds in Dunbarton

This was a delightful book to read during my month of holiday books. Light and cozy murder mystery, the characters were well developed and you had definite opinions as to whether you liked or despised each one.

I enjoyed the mystery and while I developed my own thoughts as to who was guilty, the author keeps throwing twists and turns that keep you guessing.

Lots of charm abounds in Dunbarton!

Cozy Christmas Murder (by various authors) … entertaining cozy mystery

Christmas Reunion Killer by Summer Prescott
Carols and Killers by Patti Benning
Death the Halls by Karoline Barrett
Colorado Christmas Killer by Jenna St. James
Spicy Christmas Murder by Carolyn Q. Hunter
Windswept Snows by Donna Walo Clancy

This was a light cozy mystery series. The books were a quick read and had an interesting variety of murder mysteries. You could usually figure everything out before the end of the book, but it was still entertaining.

Ghost to the Rescue (by Carolyn Hart) … murder mystery that will have you chuckling

I enjoy the Bailey Ruth series. And the narrator of the audiobooks does a good job of changing voices for the various characters. I think Bailey Ruth’s obsession with fashion in this book went too far. She’s been on the edge of pushing the envelope, but it was to the point of irritating in this book.

The murder mystery is always interesting and Bailey Ruth’s efforts to help on behalf of heaven’s department of intentions will have you chuckling.